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Hey everyone,

I'm looking into buying an LCD HDTV for my room and hook it up to my computer (to play games, watch movies, etc.). My graphics card (XFX 9800 GTX) has two DVI outputs and an S-Video(ish) port. It comes with a DVI to HDMI adapter, and a rgb connector that plugs into the S-Video(ish) port.

From what I hear, the best resolution you can get with the DVI to HDMI adapter is 1080i, not 1080p. I would like to take advantage of full 1080p resolution if I invest into buying a TV, so I would like to be able to watch movies/play games in 1080p. Since the HDMI adapter is a no go for 1080p, would I be able to achieve 1080p resolution with the rgb? How about a DVI to VGA adapter? (the TV has a VGA input). I know that with these two options, I would have to run a separate cable for sound (since DVI and VGA only carry video) but I will probably be using my PC's speakers anyway, because they're much better than a TV's.

Thanks in advance.
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    9800 GTX can support 1080P. I have 8800GT 512 OC and GTX 280 OC . Both drive an HDTV @ 1080P. The video link is DVI/HDMI.

    GTX 280 OC supports audio through pass through method. There is a SPDIF link from the sound card to the GTX 280 video card. With that link audio is feed to the TV via HDMI.

    I'm not sure with 9800GTX if it is capable of audio pass through via SPDIF/HDMI.
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  3. Thanks, leon. I confirmed this with a friend's TV. I don't know why XFX says right on their website that the card can only do 1080i... no problems at all doing 1080p with the HDMI adapter.

    On a side note, Modern Warfare 2 maxed out in 1080p looks amazing =D
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