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Quick question community. Should I get a different cpu fan and heat sink than the one that came with the core i7 930?
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  1. Depends, if you are going to get one of the super cheap crappy 92mm ones then no, if you are going to get a decent 120mm one it will drop your temp a fair amount and probably be quieter.
  2. I would also add that if you don't care much about noise and aren't overclocking then stay with the stock fan. Noise isn't a big thing either, the stock one isn't very loud.
  3. Nope, don't plan on overclocking. Your right the stock fan doesn't make much noise at all. Thanks
  4. If your not overclocking and the fan noise doesn't bother you, I wouldn't waste the money on a different cooler. The stock fan will do the job. Only upgrade if you want to do more then the stock fan can handle.
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