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I am trying to upgrade bios on my acer extensa 5620-6830. However I keep getting the error flash.sys fail. I currently have the 1.16 version on my stock computer. I am trying to replace my processor t5250 with the t7700. not sure why my laptop wont work when I replace my processor with the new one. Im thinking it might be the bios thats why Im trying to update it. Does anyone know If my laptop is supposed to work with the new processor or do I need to upgrade bios or reset cmos. Please help. Otherwise im suspecting the processor I bought might not work or is defective since i purchased it on ebay. Any help is appreciated. thanks
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  1. By the way I upgraded from vista to windows7 ultimate 64bit my current config is as followed:

    CPU T5250
    RAM DDR2 2x2GB sticks 4GB total
    everything else is pretty much stock
    Model number Extensa 5620-6830

    Does anyone think the problem might be caused by my OS being windows 7. In the acer website there are no drivers for windows 7 for this model. They all go up to Vista 64 bit. But that should have anything to do with the bios upgrade does it?
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