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I am currently running a Core I7 920 with an XFX GTX core 216 Black edition. I was wondering what kind of performance I would get by adding another for SLI mode until I can afford one of the new Fermi Cards. I found another one of these for 140.00. What do you all think?
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  1. I think you will better with your current card and save some money for Fermi card... :)
  2. What resolution are you running at? Also what power supply do you have? You might need to upgrade it to power two cards.

    If you are running at higher resolution and high detail levels then a second one should give you about a 70-80% boost in performance, if you are at lower resolution you probably will run into a CPU bottleneck. Do you not have the performance you want in certain games? If you are already getting good frame rates and are maxing stuff out it isnt really worth upgrading.
  3. I am running at 1680x1050. I have an 850 Watt Zalman power supply.

    There are a couple of games that I have to turn down some of the performance options in order to get good frame rates and playability. I am in between jobs so a Fermi card is probably a few months away. Plus waiting a bit should let the prices come down. However if buying another identical card and running in SLI mode will give me a significant performance increase for 140.00 I may do that.

    Another plus to this is that my wife and daughter both have their own systems. When I finally do upgrade to a Fermi each one of them will get an identical GPU that is much better than what they are currently using(1 9800GTX, and 1 8800gts)

    One thing about the Black Edition card is that it runs hot when being pushed hard which is commonplace for the overclocked cards. How much more heat would be introduced.

    And finally I am a Semi Pro photographer and also do some video work. Would I also see some performance benefits in CS5 and Bluray encoding?
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