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Can a thermaltake tr2 500W psu run a Sapphire ATI 5850?

Hello everyone. i currently have a thermaltake tr2 500w power supply and a sapphire ati 5770. With the help of the forum members, i found out that my newly bought 5770 has some sort of problem and i claimed for warranty now my dealer doesn't have any 5770 left to give me a replacement. so he gave me 2 options, either to wait , or to take the sapphire ati 5850. but this leaves me in a confussion. i bought the power supply with the graphics card and i am not willing to change it now. so my question is will this thermaltake tr2 500w be able to run a 5850 without any problem? from the power supply's specification what i can see is its efficiency is 70% . so it will actually deliver something near 350w right? my current machine has a c2d e8400 3ghz, 2gb ddr2 ram, 2 HDDs(sata) a sound card, intel dg31pr motherboard. the recommended power supply for the ati 5850 is 500W. but i m really confused about my power supply because of the efficiency. maybe my concept is wrong, or maybe i m right, so i need the gurus to let me know the answer. thanks
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  1. It should work just fine.

    edited to add link to ATi HD 5850 system requirements
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    Gosh, it will be worth it to get the 5850 plus a new PSU.

    Efficiency doesnt have anything to do with its output, just how much it draws form the wall. Go look on the side of the PS for how much watts are there on the 12v rail. If it is more than 300W then you're good.
  3. i will have to pay the extra sum of money for the 5850. he's offering me this only because the 5770 has a problem. sadly, i can't change my new psu cause it doesn't have any problem :( btw, it only has 1 6-pin connector. i can see that 5850 needs 2 6-pin connectors. will it be safe to run the it with one 4 to 6pin converter ?
  4. Yes, that's why that converter connector is provided.
  5. here's a photo of my power supply. please check it out whether it can run the 5850 or not.

  6. You'll be fine, A single 5850 uses barely 150W. How much are you paying for it though?
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  8. Got the 5850. runs good on the thermaltake tr2 500w power supply. i tried games like dirt 2, nfs shift, blur, split/second, f1 2010, fifa 11. all runs good and the card is pretty stable. temp goes upto 68 degree . thanks for the suggestion everyone. moderators please close the thread. thanks!
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