Pc powers off randomly - help please


I've been having a serious problem lately in that my pc shuts down instantly at random intervals. it could last a few hours or 10 mins, and there's no warning or BSOD. It can happen when idling or when i'm using it more. At first i thought it could be the psu, so I tried a new one and the problem still happens. Could it be the new mobo which i got a few weeks ago and this is when the problem started. I've no idea what to do and it really gets in the way of using the pc, so please help me

system :
gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l mobo
ocz stealthxstream 2 600w
gigabyte gt430 graphics,
intel e8400 dual core @ 3.0Ghz
2Gb ram
stock case and cpu fans

thanks for your help

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  1. New mobo problem starts! Most likely the new mobo!
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