Hello everyone, I recently installed the prime95 program to my computer. This is my first build and I wanted to test its stability. After downloading p95, I would always get a dialog box when I booted up asking me if I wanted to start prime. I would answer yes or no. No problem right?

I was unable to disable the dialog (y or n dialog box ) from appearing at start up and could not find any information on the (prime95/gimps) website. So i downloaded the revo-uninstall program and it has an option to stop programs from starting on boot up. I used it and it worked. My concern now is how do I uninstall the remaining prime files? I checked in my installed programs folder and its not listed as an installed program. There are a few files in my download files so should I just delete them. Is that safe because I understand that deleting files randomly from an installed program leaves a lot of garbage and unconnected files and registry entries on your computer.

As I mentioned my first build and I'm a little nervous. I don't want to mess up my machine that so far is running fine. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Additionally, do you know anything about the revo-uninstall program? Safe or not?
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  2. Not sure what the revo uninstall program was, in general its a bad idea to use third party uninstallers because they might not get all of the files associated with it.

    You know you could have just gone into prime 95 and unchecked the "start a logon" option right?
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