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P67 issues, anyone else?

Well, I've been running my P67/2500K setup for a little while now, hoping it would be good to go since I bought it a few days before they announced the recall. It was great up until this week. Currently there is a list of issues cropping up:

- Windows desktop loads increasingly slowly, now takes up to 15 minutes
- Sound has failed completely, and I had to install my old sound blaster card to get audio back
- Intermittent stutters and lockups, especially during video playback or games
- Random shut downs for no apparent reason, even if its just idling

I know it has to do with the motherboard because I can swap my old socket 775 in with the rest of the hardware exactly the same and boot up in seconds with no issues at all. Is anyone else having these issues and maybe know a workaround?

Setup is as follows:

Gigabyte P67-UD3
8gb Corsair DDR3 1600
i5 2500k
64gb SSD
2x 1tb RAID 0
1.5tb storage
Antec 1200w PSU
Windows 7 64 bit
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  1. A lot of the issues you describe could be overheating but I am assuming that you have seated the fan properly.

    Unless your motherboard is specifically the B3 revision you will potentially have Sata issues. If you have connected your hard drives to Sata 2 ports reconnect to Sata 3 as inability to make disc read/writes could also explain some of your symptoms. Personally, I did experience a few symptoms that resolved when I plugged the drive sinto Sata 3 slots.

    Replacing my board with the B3 revision solved several issues, some not related to the Sata issue which may just be bios issues.

    So check if u have a B3 which sounds unlikely and if u don't replace ASAP.
  2. I don't have B3. Overheating isn't a problem either, I made sure of that. The 2500k runs very cool, 19-24* even under load. I am using all 6 SATA ports but my windows installation is using the SATA 2 port to minimize potential problems.

    You think it has to do with the P67 SATA issue? That doesn't explain the onboard audio failure, maybe I just got a bad board, period.
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    issues are with sata 2 ports not sata3s change over to sata 3 port immediately.

  4. It is possible you have a "bad board, period" but it's more likely the SATA issue. If you purchased from a reputable online company, you should be able to do an advance RMA to get a replacement B3 version board out to you right away. That way you can install the new board before having to ship the old broken board back.
  5. Unfortunately I got it at a local Fry's, didn't order it. I'm going to see if I can find a better replacement that will support SLI anyways, this board was only $100 so its not the worst motherboard loss I've had. Thanks for the suggestions.
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  7. I had issues with the UD3 board as well, changed out to MSI board. The sound problem too and it freaked out when trying to use 16 gigs ram, even though it said it supported that much.
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