Why so cheap on ebay?

I was looking into a hd 4850 and one seller is selling them around 30$ cheaper than anywhere else, according to his history he has soled multiple units and there were a few doa's among them. The reason why I am asking is why so cheap is because are there bulk deals with cards that didn't pass the quality check or might have a high doa rate, or any other explanation?
He has a refund policy but I'm strapped for time so I don't want to end up with a faulty card of the bat, and he has an unreasonably high faulty percentage for my comfort. Anyway any explanation would be nice to put my paranoid mind at rest.
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  1. Are the cards new as in still factory sealed?

    What are the details of his/her return policy?

    Got a link to the auction?
  2. Are they open box? Most likely he is getting returns or RMA'ed cards, which of course have a good chance of being DOA or defective.

    Link to the auction will help.
  3. I am a regular shopper on eBay, its a buyers market so the bids have to be low in order to be sold. Most cards sold there are working with out issues besides the need to be cleaned exct. I can point out a few that look reputable. Even some of the cards that get sold for dead turn up to be working with out issue with the same for boards. Got a working xfx 780i with all the goodies for $38.70 last year when they were $229 at retail on newegg.
  4. "This card is brand new and includes all cables , drivers etc and in full retail box."
    Thats what the description says.
    He/she has a 7 day return policy.
  5. Well you can't go wrong then, buy it, if it turns out to be a paper weight only then send it back within the 7 days, and as its brand new then theres a good chance it'll be fine anyway, dunno what happens about warranty though.
  6. Might not be able to send it back in seven days, long story, and I don't want to get stuck with a pricey paper weight, so thats why I am curios about the reasons.
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