Making C: drive my "System" instead of D:

I built a new rig with a new 800gb drive and threw on Windows 7 to test it out. This was a couple of days before I would receive my SSD. I just wanted to try it out.

Now I have my 256gb Crucial M4 SSD in here and I installed the Windows 8 Preview via USB boot. However, I can't make this drive my "System" drive and I can't reformat the old 800gb drive. The SSD can't boot by itself even due to it not being the System drive, I assume. I've tried numerous cmd commands and copying over the boot folder. Hoping I can get some advice here.

I also have a 1tb drive that's just set up as a backup now. All I want is my OS and apps on the SSD with the other drives completely wiped for documents and such. I have all necessary files on an external so files loss isn't an issue.

Here's a disk management pic:
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    That setup is very convoluted! The best thing to do if you want Win-8 Preview on the SSD, is to disconnect all the drives except the SSD, and the DVD drive, and using a Custom install, remove all partitions from the SSD drive leaving it all Unallocated space.

    Then with no other HDD's attached, install Win-8 onto the SSD. It will place the 100MB system reserved active system partition first, then make the SSD the C: drive as the boot, crashdump and pagefile partition. All will work perfectly. When done, make the SSD the "first boot drive" in the BIOS.

    You can then use any of the other drives as a data drive E:

    When you are done with Win-8, or decide to update to the RTM version, you can do that on the SSD, or just delete everything on the SSD and the other drives will work as they do now.

    It is much better to have the system reserved partition on the same Disk as the C: drive.
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  3. I actually did the above on my own accord minutes after posting this question. No idea why I didn't think of it at first.

    Definitely solved the issue and now my PC boots up and stores data like a monster! Thanks.
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