Missing desktop icons

I have:
1)AMD Sempron 64 3400+ CPU
2)ASUS K8V-X SE mobo
3)XFX GE Force 6200 video card
4)Running Windows XP

Recently, my system started intermittently booting up without any desktop icons. I can hear all of the normal sounds that occur during a normal boot - just no icons on my desktop, and I can't get them there. When I reboot the system, the icons usually appear (sometimes a second reboot). It can happen from a hard boot (power off/on) or a soft boot (Start-->Turn Off Computer-->Restart). Any ideas?
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  1. Do you have a start menu and task bar? If not hit ctrl alt delete, and start up explorer.exe
  2. XP is also hides icons you don't use, but it usually asks you if you want to hide them or not.
  3. hi skywaytraveler , try making this change to the system registry

    1 . Start the Registry Editor by selecting Run from the Start menu

    2 . Type regedit in the Open text box , and click OK.

    3 . When the Registry Editor opens, navigate through the left pane until you get
    to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion

    4 . In the right pane, look for the value named Max Cached Icons.

    If the value exists, it's probably 500, which is the default value for the key .

    To change the value, double-click it. You'll then see the "Edit String" screen.

    5 . Enter a value of 2000 in the Value Data field and click OK.

    If the value doesn't exist, you'll need to add it.

    1 . Select New | String Value from the Edit menu.
    2 . The new value will appear in the right pane, prompting you for a value name.

    3 . Type Max Cached Icons and press [Enter]. Make sure you separate each word with a space. The proper value is Max Cached Icons, not MaxCachedIcons.

    4 . Double-click the new value. You'll then see the Edit String screen. Enter a value of 2000 in the Value Data field and click OK.

    5 . Registry key will show --- Max Cached Icons REG_SZ data-2000

    6 . Close regedit

    7 . reboot.

    8 . If the icons still refresh slowly, you can try to increase the size of the icon cache to 3000 and reboot again.

    Hopefully , this will do the trick

    btw , this is the wrong forum to ask this question . You should have gone to

    software troubleshooting
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