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Recently my old machine started acting up (Bluescreen) so I decided to build a new system keeping only my old CD-ROM drive and case. Not this new machine randomly reboots. It can be sitting idle, downloading a new file, playing WoW, anything including browsing this site. I've ran multiple tools to check the system for Heat (only the GPU runs hot) Memory test, reinstalled the OS twice (Put Vista on first, then decided to go to 7 after random reboots) Ran a test that calculated Pi, Updates the MB chipsets, BIOS, and really any other drivers that are applicable. I'm kind of out of Idea's as for the instability of the system therefore I decided to reach out here for an outside opinion.

Proc: i5 750
MB: MSI H55-GD65
HD: WD 500 GB 7500 RPM
Memory: Crucial 2x2 4GB
PSU: 850 Watt Thermaltake Black Widow TR2 RX
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 470

I think it's a fairly good system I put together but the instability has me a bit baffled. Any thoughts would be a great help, If anyone has a diagnostic I can run or knows of a good one that could help pinpoint please let me know. Everything is running stock as I have not attempted to tweak it for increased performance. If I missed anything let me know, I have a good basic knowlege of PC's, but it's been awhile since I accually had to troubleshoot one where I couldnt seem to trackdown the issue.
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  1. Anything would be helpful at this point, hope to have something in the AM :)
  2. ^ Have you tried with a single RAM stick ??
    And when does the reboot happen ?? Does it happen with only the OS installed ?? or after the drivers and other apps ??
  3. Does it happen at any time, or just when you are playing games?

    And yes, keep the stock settings until you sort out all of your problems.
  4. Oddly enough it mainly happens when I'm just surfing, installing something, stuff that shouldn't be taxing. I've talked to the place where I bought the RAM and several of the other parts and they said they this it's a conflict w/ the RAM and the Intel chipset on the board. They had build several machines w/ that combo and had some issue's w/ rebooting so I traded them my Crucial for Kingston whcih they said corrected the issue for them. So crossing my fingers and hoping it was just a off the wall conflict of sorts.
  5. Hmm, could be incompatibility between that memory and that particular board. Otherwise I like gkay99's suggestion, use one stick at a time, then run your memory tests on each one individually.
  6. Well so far it's looking good, I've been working on basic stuff like doing some searching on getting Win 7 set up w/ some features I liked from Vista/XP which is generally when it goes lol. If the stick was bad I have 2 new ones now which would make it a moot point as well. If it continues it only leaves the MB and Proc. It's a wait and see kinda thing now.
  7. ^ Could you list the detailed specs of the memory...Is it running at 1.65V or less??
  8. It's currently running at 1.5V ATM, so far it still humming along like a top so I'm going to risk jinxing myself and say it's fixed lol. Sow to start working on tweaking it for when Final Fantasy XIV releases. Thanks for all the suggestions, but in the end it looks like an incompatability w/ the RAM and Board since all the memtest came back good.
  9. ^ Hmm...well why not try increasing the voltage a bit ?? Maybe the RAM is not stable at that voltage...
  10. Possably, but kinda a moot point now since I traded it out for a diffrent brand.
  11. ^ Ohh...
    So the issue is not present right now ??
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