Which graphics cards run sims 3 on a buget

I am buying my 1st laptop, i want to be able to run sims3 on high,dont know which graphics cards will manage that.so I dont know which laptop to buy,I was looking at acer,im on a buget.
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  1. That's tricky really you don't need anything special but you want something one step up from the IGP that would come with a cheap laptop.
    My wife has a friend who has a 4500 GMA (integrated ) graphics chip set and she plays the game but at what settings i don't know.
    When i spec ed the wife's last year i got a 9500m GS graphics card in an Acer 6920 (i think that was the model no)

    This will let you compare different Graphics solutions http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Graphics-Media-Accelerator-X3100.2176.0.html

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