Video Cards & PSU Dilema

Hi all,

I've been on the forums a number of times asking which graphic cards to buy for my budget, which is £170 and the two that come up are GTX 260 216 and the HD5770 but I might have a large snag, my PSU and the +12v Rails, it's 550W and has 2 +12v Rails, +12v1 is 18a and +12v2 is 17a (35a), i've read that I won't be able to power a GTX 260 elsewhere online, is this true, will I be able to power ether card or will I have to choose a lesser card, I don't really want to but I can't afford a new PSU as well, all I want is to replace my dead 8800GTX with something similar that can handle 1920x1080 with most settings high, to get my PC running.

Thanks, Xeo
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  1. What is the make and model of the PSU. You probably dont have 35 Amps as you cant just add up the rails.
    You need to divide the total Wattage of the combined rails by the voltage =12 Some of the better brands will add up correctly but even some of those have less actual Amps than the displayed numbers on the rails.
    Personally i would think if its a decent make you should be fine.

  2. Thanks, I just read that if a 8800GTX would work fine with my PSU than so should a GTX 260 216, is that true?
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