XPS-850W-BES on newegg?

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  1. There's no catch. Its a new product that produce good lab test results. For users to take a chance on new products XFX is a bit aggressive with pricing.

    Good or positive feedback from users like us won't happen if the sales is low. XFX need their product on user's hands.
  2. It's a great PSU from what I've heard, primarily because the OEM is Seasonic, the best PSU manufacturer (at least in terms of build quality and reliability). I bought the 750W model from Tigerdirect for a little cheaper, but it was DOA (it happens, and after a perfect streak of buying parts online, it was about time).

    All I have to say is GO NINJA GO!
  3. The XFX 850 watt psu is an excellent power supply but you already know that from reading a competent technical review.
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