Why is it so slow.

I have just checked Performance Information and Tools and its telling me that ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver is causing windows to resume slowly. IT is Radeon Xpress 200M series. The advice it gives is, if you dont use the device, consider uninstalling it. My laptop works well in safe mode, but when it's in normal mode It is really slow loading pages and "Windows is not responding" is happening all the time. I dont use my laptop to play games so would it be safe to uninstall it or do I need it as part of my laptop. It is Vista Basic and internet explorer 8.
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  1. Might be fixable by uninstalling all the ATI drivers and programs, then reinstalling. The newest drivers are 10.5 although there's actually a few issues with them. 10.4 drivers should be fine. Otherwise, I'm not a laptop expert at all but basically if you disable the card completely it'll probably disable your video out puts so unless there's also integrated mother board video output, you'll have to keep it.
  2. Thanks Wolfram, I'm not sure if 10.5 is what I already have as I updated about two weeks ago, but i'll have a go at it.
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