What is good upgrade power supply 500 W for my Gateway DX4710-05

I'm going to install a new video card into my Acer / Gateway DX4710-05

Serial # PTG320X0018350EA112700

but I need to upgrade the power supply first. I need to know what power supply would work in my DX4710-05 right now I have only a 300 watt power supply I need to upgrade to something around 450 to 500 watts. What power supply would you suggest?
Here are some of the info about the motherboard and video info,G33 chipset motherboard,Intel Q6600 quad core CPU and 6 GB of memory. Graphics from Intel's GMA3100 integrated chipset. This multimedia system is running Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
Intel's GMA3100 integrated chipset. I would like to spend approx. $250. for a new good power supply & video card, so please I would be very thankful for any help in finding the right power supply and video card.
Thanks for the help Les,
Please contact me at;
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  1. I would check newegg for a corsair or antec earthwatts power supply. Haven't found any detailed pics of your motherboard. Check photos at newegg.com and compare the connections to your gateway power supply. Also be aware that your board is fairly old and impossible to replace, so handle your components with care. If gateway has it, the price will be too high. You can also clean up your fans when your case is open. Use a canned air speciality product with special solvents that evaporate quickly. I use "perfect duster" from frys, but many brands are available. Newegg has a powercolor 1 gb ax5750 for $104.99 after rebate. I use powercolor, and have had no issues with it.
  2. EDIT: Dint refresh...
    ^^ Not a good idea to post your email id on a public forum,...

    As for the parts, I think a standard ATX PSU would fit that case...

    PSU + Graphics card -
    OCZ 550W + HD 5770


    PSU - OCZ 550W

    GTX 460
  3. The seasonic 520 is an excellent deal right now seen it go as low as $55
  4. Les888,

    What did you wind up getting?
  5. what about this antec bp550 its a decent unit at a good price.
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