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Hello everyone

I am about to buy a new PC, gasming PC for FFXIV a new MMO game and it is heavily demanding.
for that reason I gathered the equipment necessary to build a PC and I got the following:

Motherboard ===> ASUS ROG Rampage III Extreme
Processor ===> Intel Core i7-930 2.80 GHz
Memory ===> Corsair Dominator 1600 MHz 6GB 3x2 GB 9-9-9-24
Graphics ===> Sapphire HD 5970 2GB or XFX HD 5970 2GB
Hard Drive ===> Seagate 1TB
SSD ===> Intel X25-M Mainstream SSD 2.5 64 GB
Optical ===> LG DVD-Rom <== w/e ;p
Case ===> Thermaltake Armor+
Power ===> Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W
CPU Cooler & Fans ===> Noctua NH-U12P SE2
OS ===> Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

as you can see I am aware of the price, but the problem is ...

is my Case & PSU compatible with the equipment ?
Case site

PSU site

which is better XFX or Sapphire VGA ? and why?

if you got any more comment please I will more than happy to read it
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  1. If the main priority here is gaming, then you could easily save $100 by stepping down to an i5 750 instead, or save $200 by stepping to a Phenom 955.

    I'm pretty sure that the case and psu are compatible although the parts themselves aren't preferable. Where are you buying this (i.e. are you buying everything from Newegg.com?)
  2. Fill out form in sticky, link in my sig.
  3. I agree, drop to an i5 750 for your gaming, go with 4gb of G Skill Ripjaw (or ECO) RAM with lower latency than Corsair.
    Replace the motherboard with a P55, the Asus P7P55D E Pro is the best you can get with XFire and USB/SATA III, though you can go cheaper if any of those features are unimportant to you (this mobo is still cheaper than an X58 board)

    You have a real nice system so I would be going with a good quality case - the HAF 922 is excellent.

    1000W is way more than you need, I would drop to 850W (if you plan on XFire some time). A quality 850W PSU (Corsair or Seasonic for example) will be better than a lower quality 1000W PSU
  4. I am getting all my equipment from local market, the problem is I am from middle east and it is hard to order cases & heavy stuff, taxes will tear me out :kaola:

    HAF 922 not found in our local market unfortunately doesn't get that, most from thermaltake, are you guys saying that PSU & Case = bad quality ?

    and the remaining unanswered question is XFX or Sapphire for VGA HD5970 2GB in quality of course.

    as for Asteldain, Asus P7P55D E Pro has an advantage over Rampage III Extreme beside cost ?

    well appreciated you fast answer :D
  5. I wouldn't say that that case is bad quality, but it's expensive for the same quality/features that can be found on other cases (apart from looks I guess). Thermaltake PSUs, while not the worst out there, aren't the best quality either.

    In regards to XFX vs Sapphire, both are good. They both offer decent cooling and good warranties. I'd go for the XFX if it's not that much more expensive (<$10-15 US) otherwise get the Sapphire if it's much cheaper.

    If I can (at least partially) answer your mobo question:
    They're different chipsets. (P55 vs X58) Are you asking about chipset differences?

    Tom's really is international :D
  6. hmmm

    X58 is recommended through HD5970, unlike P55 really this is my 1st time building and budget isn't an issue really.
    I heard and found out Rampage III Extreme is a beast in quality don't ya agree ?
  7. I do agree that X58 is better for high-end graphics, due to P55 not having the same capabilities (x8, x16). If budget's no problem, then X58's the way to go, or you could buy a 980X with Tri SLI, Custom watercooling and case, 24GB of RAM 24 SSDs in RAID......

    But anyway, sounds like X58 is what you'll be wanting on this build. I don't know much in the way of top-notch components, but yes, that mobo is.. well, top end :p
  8. Haha thanks mate
    any more suggestions ??
    Specially u think i would have heat issues??
    Since my room temp @ 22 c
  9. Well, if I understand right so far:

    Intel i7 930
    Asus Rampage III Extreme (possibly change this, but you said budget np, so doens't really matter I guess)
    4GB 1600 RAM; not the RAM you listed there because the timings aren't very good (only 9-9-9-24) If that's the best timing you can get, then once again don't worry about it, but some lower timings would be good.
    Either XFX or Sapphire 2GB 5970 (doesn't really matter which)
    Seagate 1TB (do you know what model this is?)
    Intel X25-M Mainstream SSD 2.5 64 GB
    Any decent DVD drive
    Win 7 HP 64-bit

    If you want your CPU REALLY cool, then you could switch to one of the really good cooler (with a price rag naturally)
    Noctua NH-D14
    Prolimatech Megahalems

    Are you changing your PSU/case?
  10. Till know this best i could find case & psu which i believe it is good now :(?
    As for cpu cooler i listed noctua product, is the one u mentioned better ?
  11. I'm pretty sure the other Noctua I listed will keep the CPU cooler than the one you listed, but that said, your isn't bad.

    With the case and PSU, if that's really the best you can get, I guess it'll have to do. Neither of them are terrible, it's just that they could be better. If you're happy with it and you can't get better then there's nps.

    (getting late, getting off the comp for the night, so I might not answer for a while if you're looking for a quick response back.)
  12. Thanks mate :D
    continu tmr :D
  13. Greetings Bo-Jwaise :D

    btw, there's more people on this forum than me ;)
  14. I know man, but I can't force them to reply :lol:

    anyways I will see this weekend if I can find better case & such,
    I think I will go with XFX HD5970 2GB rather than Sapphire <== no reasonable reason haha
  15. :) sounds like a plan to me
  16. So.. how'd that go?
  17. Mark Heath said:
    So.. how'd that go?

    amazon really getting my ssd slow :(
    all ready
    i went with sapphire tho and i will start building asap
    since my os will be in ssd ... Have to wait xD
    another thing, now i am between stock clock if 930 or oc it to 3.8 or less. Depend on ffxiv :(.
  18. Quote:
    now i am between stock clock if 930 or oc it to 3.8 or less

    Err.. what?

    So all the other components are fine?
  19. yea, I check everything ... budget wise

    and regarding your quote, I meant

    I dunno whether I got with Stock i7-930 2.8GHz
    or I overclock it to 3.8 GHz, asI think both 2.8GHz & 3.8GHz will bottleneck my VGA but putting my game under solid 60+ FPS or 120+ FPS won't effect me since I won't see the difference with naked eye right?

    unless you guys got another opinion, not to mention my sole purpose of this rig is FFXIV :P HARDCORE !!
  20. If you do a moderate overclock on stock voltage (say, 3.6-3.8Ghz, but this varies between individual CPUS) then performance should increase slightly (and almost unnoticeably) in most games, but general use will be better and there are a select few games out there which benefit a bit more from CPU. Either way, if you stay at stock voltage and get the overclock stable, then go for it definitely. A bigger overclock with higher voltage will run hotter and die quicker, so keep that in mind if you plan to change the voltage while overclocking.

    Personally I'd just find the highest stable overclock on stock voltage, but each to his own.
    (sleep..... :sleep: )
  21. I will definitely keep that in mind, thanks man & I will update as soon as I get something new
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