Is it possible to monitor traffic for unmanaged switch

we have a 24 port unmanaged switch connected to a modem with 2 mbps speed leased line,24 users are connected to that switch, is it possible to monitor the port like who is using more bandwidth?
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  1. not possible ,, that's why it is named as "unmanaged switch"check with your isp for availability with monitoring is possible or not.,or install proxy
  2. It's absolutely possible but you'll need a tap to grab the traffic as it leaves and some sort of monitoring software / IDS to monitor and log what's going on unless you're just really bored and feel like going through a million packets with wireshark. Other options would be to upgrade to a decent firewall with this type of stuff builtin. Either way the switch isn't as important as your firewall / gateway / router....
  3. The only way of doing that is to place a server or computer between the router and the switch. On that machine, install a packet sniffer. That way, any traffic going to and from the switch can be captured.

    Keep in mind that there will be alot of data to go through.
  4. Correct, but to capture that traffic without causing interuption / another hop you'll need a tap....
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