HIS 5770 ICEQ not fitting well

So I get an HIS 5770 iceQ to replace my 8800GT with.

The ICEQ is my first duel slot card, as my 8800 only covered a single slot.

When trying to put in my 5770, it does not want to fit in the case the right way. It is shorter then the 8800 was, there is a lot of room on the far end of the card, and it seems like it will fit in well on the right end. It does not want to go all the way in the left side of the PCI E slot though. I do not see anything that would be preventing it from going in. The other thing I notice is that it does not want to line up correctly with the left end (where you lock it in place, and where the DVI/HDMI ports are), but also cannot figure out why. I literally do not see anything that could be blocking it...

Anyway, I know this may not be as descriptive as I could be, but it anyone would happen to know a possible reason that my card is being blocked, please let me know.

If there is any more information that could help, please let me know and I will do my best to provide it.

Thank you
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    Most cases have a receiver where the end bracket should go into. The solution might be to loosen up your motherboard on the tray so it gives you a little wiggle room to install the card and then re-tighten it.
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