Help with some MSI H67 Bios features

Hey guys, just build my aunt a new computer for her office. I had a few questions.

I have an H67MS-E43, I doubt that matters I'm sure all of the MSI bios are the same. I want to stop the processory from clocking down to 1.5Ghz. Its a i5-2400. Even when I try to stress it, or have her test her work in photoshop it never clocks back up, when the computer starts it will be at 3.1Ghz for a few minutes, but quickly backs down. I assume its in the "Green Power" section of the bios, but the motherbaord manual doesn't even touch on it! It talks about the overclocking section in detail, but none of this. There is EuP 2013, CPU Phase Control, CIE Support, Intel C-State, and Package C-State.

Also in the BIOS it shows the frequency at 3.1 Ghz. For some reason the tempurate is 52c? Is that right? When I get into windows realtemp shows it at 30c, but I assume thats becuase its downclocked.

EDIT - I disabled the CPU phase control, that didnt' help. Neither did Intel C-State.

EDIT - Ok it was Windows own power options in the control panal. I changed the minimum CPU power from 5 percent to 100 percent. Is that ok to do?
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  1. Can't hurt. I would have left it alone. Those cpus have a very low 15w power consumption at idle that's great for systems left on all the time. Most system applications don't require the cpu to run at full speed. And 52c is ok.
  2. Disable the CPU EIST (enhanced Intel speed step) function. This is the feature that downclocks the CPU when there's less demand on the CPU:

    It should be on the same screen as the C1E support setting in the BIOS. Let us know if this does it for you.
  3. Nope I didn't see that anywhere, what I did find out was that I had to have both the Intel C-State disabled, as well as chanign the setting in Windows Power Management to get it to work properly.

    And I know she doesn't need 3.1 Ghz at all times, but like I said even when she was doing work in photoshop and rending her pictures for her buisness, it wouldn't step up, it just stayed at 1.5 Ghz.

    Also, is 40c fine for that card at "idle" by idle I mean at the 3.1 Ghz I have it at. Seems high... but I'm used to using aftermarket coolers for overclocking.
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