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I have an IBM ThinkCentre S51 desktop PC that claims to support any PCI-e 1x video card and above - up to PCI-e x16 - that fits into a riser card on the motherboard. Trouble is the Micro-ATX power supply unit that came with this PC is rated to handle only 225 watts, and I cannot find a compatible replacement to handle the extra load. Can anyone recommend a suitable low-powered, low profile PCI-e 1x, or higher, PCI-e video card and/or a better PSU that will work for me without drawing so much power as to cause a meltdown of the video card and/or motherboard? Any valid suggestion will be helpful. Thanks.
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  2. WR2 said:
    Hello Roger_Tech;
    Does this apply to your IBM ThinkCentre S51?
    HIS Radeon HD 4350 512MB PCI Express x1

    Thank you so much, WR2, for your very timely response. And yes, as uncanny as it seems, your insight was spot on! The symptons that I experienced with my IBM ThinkCentre S51 PC (machine type 8171) were exactly as you described! It is a shame that you would be so ready to help me when IBM Tech Support refused to clarifiy the cryptic explanation given on their website for the weird beep codes that I got after I installed a Zotac 512 MB PCI-e x16 video card on the motherboard. They, IBM, were the ones who explicitly claimed that it would be compatible. And as for the choice of PCI-e 1x video cards that I belatedly find that this PC is limited to I am holding them to task for their false advertisement.

    I wanted to connect this PC to my TV to stream movies and music with from the internet, and now I am quite disappointed over the unexpected limitations facing me. I looked at several reviews of the HIS Radeon HD 4350 512 MB PCI-e x1 video card that you recommended but did not like what I saw. Seems like most users find this card to be too noisy for their liking; and I don't think that I, myself, would like to be constantly distracted by the whining, jet-like, noise in the foreground while watching movies, or listening to music. Also, I continue to suspect that the 225-watt power PSU that came installed in this PC will continue to pose another limitation to my aspirations; most PCI-e video cards require a minimum of 300 watts. But I will continue to look for alternatives, nonetheless. Truth be told, however, I'm prepared to ditch this toy soon and custom build a real HTPC without the limitations of an indifferent corporate whimp like IBM telling me what I can and cannot upgrade. Anyway, I certainly appreciate your help. Thanks so much, again, for trying!
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  4. You're welcome.
    There is a passively cooled version of a HD 4350 that's also PCI-e x1 POWERCOLOR AE4350 512MD2-H Radeon HD 4350 $100 but poor customer reviews.
    The PCI-e x1 versions are unusually expensive compared the x16 versions MSI R4350-MD512H Radeon HD 4350 $17 after rebate.

    HTPC's are a lot more fun to build these days than a few years ago.
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