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Hey guys I just brought a Intel i7 - 930 LGA 1366 processor, and I noticed they don't give you any thermal compound. But there is 3 strips of it on the heat-sink base that makes contact with the CPU. Is that sufficient enough to install or do I need to go and buy some compound?
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  1. This will be sufficient as the paste will spread out. Wiggle the heatsink as you place it over the CPU when you install to ensure better coverage.

    My i5-750 was hitting 66 degrees Celsius (Speedfan) whilst under load with the stock intel fan. I changed the HSF to a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ and load temps fell to 46 degrees Celsius, so if you're going to push your CPU it is worth getting a better cooler. It's only about £20.
  2. Agreed^^^ It wont make a world of difference. You're best bet is to get a better cooler anyway. I like my Cooler Master Hyper Neo 520. (except for the install) lol have to secure screws from the back.
  3. i agree with you just like what happened to me i bought the same cpu as you but mine was made in costa rica and my cpu didnt come with any thermal compund and even there is no thermal paste on the heatsink i had to buy zalman thermal grease and it done so good
    take care next time
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