Getting stuttering with my Games

AMD Phenom II 945 3.2ghz Quad-Core
8Gb of RAM
ATI 4870 1GB

I just got a computer like a month ago , and i noticed stuttering in games, and its been bothering me a lot lately.I have FRAPS on which shows the FPS im getting, probably the game i get the worse stuttering is battlefield bad company 2 beta, like ill be running around and ill get really bad stuttering like im going back a step or two and like action and movments arnt smooth but yet in fraps im getting like 35-45 FPS.I think its either that because im not hitting 60 frames equivlant to the monitor refresh rate or that the FPS is changing so much it makes the game stutter.

For example World in Conflict i put the FPS cap to 30 and the game runs great now.And on Wow i was running like 60 frames most of the time but then when it droped down to like 55 in some areas the game would start to stutter.So i put a cap to 30 and theres no more stuttering what so ever.

And for some reason on Borderlands i dont have a cap or anything the game will run on different FPS numbers ranging from 50 to 30 but it doesnt stutter but i can tell the difference between 50 and 30 and its still very playable.

I downloaded FPS Limiter and while it works ive only gotten it to work on Mass Effect 2.Before i put the limit to 40 , it was the same story it would run great ad smooth most of the time at 60 but the moment it went to lets say 54 , 56 it would stutter.

Again the same story for Left 4 Dead 2 run mostly on 60 but the moment it dipped below 60 it would stutter

I paid 900 dollars for this computer and i dont even play it because of the stuttering, i orginal had the 4870 but traded it for a 5770 and i still have stuttering
So if theres anything i could fix or any tips so i can solve this problem
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  1. What resolution do you play at ? and what is your VGA driver version ?
  2. Quote:
    , i orginal had the 4870 but traded it for a 5770 and i still have stuttering

    You downgraded your graphics card you know that right? 5770 has DX11 and runs cooler but is not better than a 4870 in most cases.,2131.html?prod%5B4030%5D=on&prod%5B4021%5D=on
  3. ummm 1920 x 1080 and by vga drivers you mean video drivers right? i updated those already.
  4. Try lowering your res to may 1650 x 1050 and see what happens. Even though they are both ATI cards . Did you completely remove the drivers and registry info and do a fresh install of the drivers?
  5. +1^,try running on lower resolutions and see if it helps or not
  6. Try reinstalling your drivers by following the directions found here :

    Make sure you read the whole page and follow the directions closely.
  7. I just reinstalled my drivers i just dont know like im begiing to see less stuttering in games, but one that i tried still had it. Whats weird s now that some games dont stutter there avg FPS is much lower, Battlfield had a ton of stuttering avg FPS was like 33 stuttering stops avg fps is like 24.Im thinking on seeing if the company i ordered frm will upgrade me to a 5850 by paying them like 145, id hate to spend so much and it still stutter
  8. Did you try testing on lower resolutions too ?
  9. I did and it didnt really do anything, i still get stuttering i just dont know what to do anymore, i really want to buy a 5850 but i dread that ill still get stuttering if i get it.
  10. Could be the card. Not sure at this point.
  11. Ive tried 3 cards so far,a 4850, 4870 and 5770 all of them had it in one way
  12. Ok are you sure you are not getting tearing or shearing associated with a high refresh rate on your monitor?

    Did you completely follow the directions on the page I linked to earlier including downloading and running Driver Sweeper in safe mode?

    Are you also certain you are not confusing a high ping causing lag in online games? That what it sounds like to me. Any server you have a ping over about 100 on will cause lag. Around 60 is optimal and 200 is unplayable. What is your internet connection and where are the servers you play on?

    The 4870 is the best card you have tried so far but for new games of course a 5850 is best.....basically it should give you about double the FPS of a 5770.
  13. if you are are getting stutter like going back a few steps... sounds like connection problems. What connection do you have? and have you checked your ping??
  14. its not from lag theres plenty of games i play offline that have stuttering, i guess you can describe as like your walking and there it just seems the frames arnnt fluent and anytime it starts the FPS flutters a *** ton not normal but when something like the vertical sync is on and the games is at 60 fp it never stutters. i did that thing but i didnt do it in safe mode i dont know how cause i presses F8 and it did nothing
  15. Take out some of the RAM if poss and try it with less RAM.
  16. are you using Win7 x64, there is some news that the 5xxx ATI card with 7x64 has driver problems
  17. Can you post a link for that Number13?
  18. hmm let me look, seems I saw it in the news here at THG and MSFT, let me look, be back shortly,10459.html
  19. I don't know about that,but i haven't experienced any hardware problems with my 5970/win7 64
  20. there's the news,
  21. Im gonna take out RAM to see how that works, and ive used a 4870 and 4850 that still had stuttering.
    Plus id like to mention that even in videos i can kinda tell there is sometimes stuttering and non smooth frame rates
  22. Taking the RAm out didnt do anything any other ideas
  23. Regrettfully the second alternative, although more costly though, get a GTX260+ and try it, my bet is that the problem goes away, I still am thinking it's a driver issue
  24. I think its a driver issue too.
    to OP,try disabling Catalyst AI in the ATI control panel and see if it helps(its located in the 3D section)
  25. Ok so ive tried out lowering my resolutions, reinstalling drivers, Taking out RAM , and getting rid of that Catalyst AI so anymore ideas. I dont know how i would get a GTX+260 cause its not like i have a job, do companys allow you to buy graphics cards and return it? Is it possible for a computer to not like ATI cards and do bettter with NVIDIA cards? Cause i dont see the point of getting a 260. And the company i bought from is Magic Micro even nybody knows anything about them.
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