New build M-ATX $1000 media encoding + slight gaming + slight htpc

helping a friend build a M-ATX pc for around 1000usd. use mainly for media encoding (video editing, etc) and watching movies. also some gaming, but not hardcore. HAS to be M-ATX.

BUDGET RANGE: $900-$1100

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (e.g.:media encoding, watching movies, surfing the internet, gaming

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse, os, speakers

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: i just need some recommendations. want to buy locally (I live in malaysia)

PARTS PREFERENCES: 20-22" widescreen monitor, 500GB/1TB hdd, phenom II x6 1055T, Radeon HD 5770, at least 4 gb of ram.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe... if yes, not much.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: what the monitor native resolution is.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: also want advice for casing, fans, cpu cooler (can they fit into M-ATX casings? im thinking CM hyper TX3 because of cheap pricetag)
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  1. Well, I'm not familiar with parts availability in Malaysia, but to get you started:

    Since you are encoding, the AMD X6 is a good choice. More cores = better for encoding.

    For the motherboard, any AM3 board will do but I would stick to the top tier brands like Asus or Gigabyte since they use solid caps and are generally of higher quality. Maybe consider one of the 880G chipset boards with the SB850 southbridge.

    The TX3 cooler is a very nice HSF, but it's tall. Decide on a case before you decide on a cooler. Most HTPC cases are low profile. In that case, consider the Scythe Shuriken or Coolermaster GeminII low profile coolers instead.

    What style of case are you looking for? A true HTPC case that looks like audio equipment or a standard tower?
  2. Thanks for your suggestions..will consider.
    Not sure about the htpc case things, but i was thinking of M-ATX. since it will be brought around quite regularly. My experience with transporting my mid tower rig was always a hassle...
    Do you know which series of motherboards are sized M-ATX?
  3. Here are some micro-ATX motherboards with the 880 chipset and SB850 southbridge.
  4. Hmm this comes to $775AR but since u have no Egg access so no MIR then $200 USD left would nab u a nice juicy 23" LCD hehe
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