Blue Screen during windows 7 install

Hey guys, I've just finished building my first PC. Everything seemed normal until I started to install windows. I've been getting blue screens at random points during the installation. The fist time I got it, it was while I was selecting the drive to install windows on. Once I selected the drive, it went to BSOD. It told me to reboot and try again. The second time it happened at around 25% of the "Expanding Windows" portion of the installation.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?
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  1. could be a faulty HDD?

    What are the BSOD error code
  2. Turned out it was my memory. I took out one stick, and was able to install windows on just the one. When I finally got Windows installed, I ran memtest on both of them and got a errors on the other stick. So I just sent them back to newegg today.
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