Would a 5870 or 5850 fix in the master slot on this mb?

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  1. Yes, the long orange and green ones are PCI-E 16x slots, it will work fine in there. I would check the motherboard manual to make sure that the orange one is the one with 16x as one is 16x and one is 8x on that board.
  2. i mean mainly length wise and width
  3. it's a antec 300 and the psu is at the bottom 1 hard drive and 1 cd drive
  4. yay or nay
  5. I know I don't care about the factory oc'd with sticker stuff but i'm not going to oc later so if i get one that has a small oc it wont void my warranty and i pay what another 30 bucks for a few more fps?
  6. sounds good where do i go to figure out how to oc the card without screwing it up, i dont oc my 3.4 phenom II just because I dont trust myself lol....
  7. thanks guys
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