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Yesterday I defrag my HDD (it is Sony and 500GB) then when I want to open it this error appear: “N:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.” It said you should format it before use it, but I cannot because I have very important files in it.
So I search about my problem in internet and I try “command Prompt” but none of the worked.
Please help me :cry:
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  1. Sounds like the drive most likely has a fault such as bad sectors and by defragging it you have corrupted the data.
    2 options:

    1: format it and then run recovery software and try to recover files yourself
    2: send it to a recovery company and hope they can do it for you
  2. Hello,

    Could you please take a screenshot of your computer Disk setup in DiskManagement. Might upload to ImageShack or Photobucket. That will give everyone a better visual picture of the problem
  3. What did you try at a command prompt? chkdsk /r or some other command?
  4. Hi
    Yes hopefully command prompt work but it take 10hours.
    So all my files back.

    Thank you :D
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