Need advice, overclock/crossfire or not? + possible bottleneck?


I recently had my 9800gt die on me, and after some research I decided not to spend on a new build or get a replacemetn 9800gt, just upgrade what i already had. So i ended up getting a new motherboard (asus pq5 pro turbo) so i could overclock my q9300, and a HIS Radeon Iceq5 turbo 5770 because it seemed like a pretty decent card for the price, and with the new mobo i could probably crossfire another one later on. I also got a new 550 watt psu and a new case with better airflow.

What i didnt realize though was that the mobo's 2nd pcie slot is at 8x link, and after some research online it seems that the q9300 isn't very overclockable.

So i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on how to squeeze as much power out of this setup since i dont want to spend on a new build for at least another 1-2years.

Is it worth it to crossfire even though the second card will run at 8x link? Is my q9300 a bottleneck for the 5770 and vice versa?

I will mainly use this for gaming, watching movies and some web browsing.

Full specs are:
Q9300 Quad core @2.5ghz (w stock cooler)
6 gigs ddr2 2x 2gig 2x 1gig (not sure what brand, grabbed them out of a gateway fx4710)
Asus PQ5 Pro Turbo Motherboard
OCZ Fatal1ty 550watt PSU
640gig WD HDD@ 7200rpm
HIS Iceq5 Turbo HD Radeon 5770 (oc'd using ati overdrive to 900/1350)

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    x8 PCIe slots are fine. There's no discernible difference over x16 slots with a single GPU card.
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