Bad PSU or bad mobo?

I recently upgraded my computer installing an additional hard drive for raid0 and installing Windows 7 Pro. Afterwards, I noticed a red light (insufficient power?) on the video card (XFX GeForce 9800GT), so I shut down the computer to see what the issue was. The computer was running slow and the Windows Aero was choppy. I took a look inside the case, the video card requires a 2x 12 volt to 6 pin connector to power the video card, and one was disconnected.

I shut down the computer, reconnected the one of the 12 volt connector for the video card, and started cleaning the dust out of my case while I was at it. I pulled the bottom tray for the hard drives out of my Antec 900, and ended up breaking a wire when reinserting it. The computer would not start up. I fixed the wire, and the computer would start up, but the computer would not post, and there was no display. No beeps. Just a blinking light on the monitor.

I monkeyed around with stuff, such as switching around which devices were plugged into which power supply cable, disconnecting various drives, to no avail. I then removed a stick of memory and the computer booted up just fine, loaded windows, installed a bunch of updates. I then shut it down and put the additional stick or RAM back in, and got the same problem as before. This time however the computer will run for two seconds, shut down, and the second time starting up it will stay on same as before, again with no post, no display, no beeps.

Typically the issues I was having would seem like a motherboard issue. But the fact that after enough monkeying around it was able to bootup, load windows 7, install 41 windows updates leads me to believe otherwise. I have a 730w power supply on the way. Advice on what this issue may be?

Asus P5Q Pro
Core 2 Duo e8400
XFX GeForce 9800GT 512MB
2x 2GB DDR2-800
WD Caviar Black 640GB + 750GB
Antec 900
Antec 420W PSU
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  1. Could be a dying PSU. Before you get to other conclusions. Check you PC with another PSU.
    Then Mobo.
    Then GPU.
    Then RAM's.

    This should be the normal order of checking. CPU's generally dont go bad unless fiddled around with badly.
  2. Got a RAIDMAX 730w PSU that's going to be delivered tomorrow.

    I'm thinking what may have happened it that my power requirements were greater than 420W, and the computer drew more than that through the PSU, damaging it in the process.
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