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I have a Lexmark X4530 that apparently installs fine on my Windows 7 Home Premium Box. When I try and print though I get a message that says there is no printer driver installed. I have uninstalled the printer and driver completely, reinstalled the printer and driver and the same thing happens. I have a digital camera I can connect to the printer directly and print pictures....

This is a weird issue. It worked fine in Vista so I am not sure what the issue is.
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    Are you able to print a test page from the printer properties window? Is the Lexmark your default printer?

    Saw this with an HP once. Did everything you mentioned. All failed. Disconnected the USB cable and re-attached and the system "found" the printer. WOrked fine afterwards.
  2. Weird test page prints fine and yes it is set as my default printer. I guess I'll try and delete and readd the printer and see what happens...Thanks for the quick response
  3. I completely deleted the printer and readded the printer thru USB....installed the printer driver and it seems to have installed fine....Test printed a few things, rebooted and things seem to be good. I will be back with an update if there is one.
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