Can I use 9600 gt?

Im building my friend a PC using new and old parts, right now the only thing i havent changed is the power supply and the video card. i want to give him my 9600gt super clock but im not sure if the 460w power supply will work, i do not understand the amps. :(

please let me know what i can do to calculate it.
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  1. Chances are the answer will be yes. Can you post the make and model of the 460W PSU? We can look up the details online.
    Also.. how old is the PSU? Best to also post the rest of the parts the PSU will have to power.
  2. 4 years old, i stripped down and oldschool alienware that my cousin didnt fix.

    Emermax FMA II
    Model :EG465P-VE

    it is using
    1 dvd rw
    1 cd rw

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 3 ghz
    2 gb ddr2 Ram
    Foxconn a74ml-k
    320 gb hdd
  3. It's an older ATX 1.2ver PSU but it does have that 33Amp rating on +12V.
    And you're not loading up your system with a lot of extra case fans, lights and etc, etc.
    You should be good to go.

  4. if i were to keep the fans and the lights what do you think ill need for a powersupply?
  5. Go ahead and list all case fans and extra case lighting.
    And anything else taking power from the PSU. USB devices, external drives, etc.
  6. With 33amps on the +12volt rail it should run a 9600GT just fine.
  7. ipod, mouse, keyboard, headset, i think 3 lights and 4 fans 2 of them have lights
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    It should run just fine. That is a quality Enermax PSU so their rating is for constant loads.
  9. rolli59 said:
    It should run just fine. That is a quality Enermax PSU so their rating is for constant loads.

    well thats good to hear :D i was wanting to know for future reference when i upgrade my gpu
  10. You're in good shape - nothing too wild going on. You'll have enough PSU there to do a decent upgrade.
  11. it'll run without any hitch....go ahead, your psu could pull a gts 250 if im not wrong...
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