Question regarding the ASUS Maximus Extreme IV and NF200

I was wondering, does the NF200 automatically disable on the Maximus IV when less than 3 cards are in SLI/Xfire?

Reason why I'm wondering is because I'm trying to decide between the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe and the Maximus IV for a new PC I'm building. The problem is that I'm only getting two 580GTX cards, and I don't plan on adding a third card at any point. From what I've heard though, 2 cards in SLI/Xfire run slower on a board with the NF200 than on a board without it (x16x16 being slower than native x8x8 due to the addition of latency from the NF200). So after hearing that, I got concerned about what kind of performance my cards would get on a Maximus IV, until I read somewhere that the Maximus IV automatically disables the NF200 thing when less than 3 cards are in SLI/Xfire (meaning that the Maximus IV wouldn't suffer the same problem that other NF200 boards do, and would run dual SLI/Xfire setups at x8x8 instead of x16x16). I'm not sure if this is true though, and would like some confirmation on this if possible. Would the Maximus IV disable the NF200 thing and run my two 580GTX cards at a native x8x8 speed?

If it doesn't, then I think I'm going to go with the P8P67 Deluxe instead, so that the performance of the GPUs doesn't go down at all.
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  1. Here is a good article about it,2910.html
    The nf200 chip allows 2 cards to run at X16 X16 on a P67 board but with a very little gain over X8 X8.
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