Enterprise SSD or Regular SSD RAID?

For the cost, I can buy a couple regular grade SSDs and put them into a RAID 1/10 , or I can buy one Enterprise SSD.

For data loss protection for a life-span of 5 years and data hosting for 17 users, which would you choose?

I am thinking a Mirror Raid of Cheaper Drives would be better than one Enterprise Drive of the same cost. I have used Enterprise Class HDDs before and they seem to fail just as often as normal drives.
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  1. Ok I've priced out a few options and am wondering what I am missing.

    I can buy 4 Intel 120GB SSDs and put them in a RAID 10 for 240GB of useful space and mirroring for $384.

    Or I can buy two Intel 240GB SSDs and put them in a RAID 1 for 240GB useful space and mirroring for $520.

    So why wouldn't everyone just do a RAID 10?
  2. Using the HDD for the raid, HDD and SSD will fail. Like all the companies you have to do the backup of the server in everyday.
  3. If your data is important you should create a RAID with all kind of drives and perform daily backups.
    The solution with 2 drives gives you the advantage of a less complex system, than a RAID 10, but if you have a backup you are safe.
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