Need help with my first gaming build

I want to make a good gaming rig around 1000 bucks. This would be my first time ever making a computer myself. I need help find good parts that will work with my budget. I already have the case. I got the Antec 900 Two Case from newegg. I need everything else still. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread because I do not see my other one I posted like 30 mins ago. I want the most bang for my buck. Newegg is where I would like to get the majority of my parts from but others are welcome to if you can find a better price on a particular component. Thank you guys so much for any input because I need all the help I can get! :) I look forward starting on my new build; I am saving up my money eight now and when I get paid this friday, I should be good on buying some parts. Thanks again!
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  1. OP being helped in another thread. Disregard this one.
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