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I'm looking to upgrade my case from an Antec 300 to a full tower, primarily for space and ease of upgradeability. I was originally considering the NZXT Phantom, but I read several reviews that said the air flow from the case was not good compared to some other popular ones. While air flow is not a primary concern, it is something that is still of value for me. What I did like about the Phantom was the tool-less design, cable routing, and the design of the case (not a huge fan of LEDs).
I don't really like the Cooler Master HAF 932, and the Corsair 700D is just too expensive for me (price range of ~$150), and the Antec 1200 has no cable management designs.

Any suggestions or options I should consider?
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  1. Look no further... HAF-X is here! It would be the best in your budget.
  2. What is your budget for a full tower case?

    How many 5.25 in. drive bays do you need?

    How many 3.5 in. drive bays do you need?

    What is the length of the video card you plan to install?
  3. My budget is near $150. I need at least 3 5.25" bays and 3 3.5" bays.
    I have a GTX 460 and 9800GT in my Antec, so I doubt there will be a size issue in a full tower.
  4. hell_storm2004 said:
    Look no further... HAF-X is here! It would be the best in your budget.

    I personally don't like the look of the HAF series. Dunno why. Maybe I'm weird ;)
  5. I think HAF-X would satisfy all your needs!
  6. Check out the Lian Li Lancool Dragon Lord series of cases:


    My personal case is the Dragon Lord PC-K60 with the narrow side window. The case can easily accomodate the extra tall tower style cpu heatsinks. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. You can swap out hard drives very easily. Technical reviews have been very favorable.

    Mwave.com still has the cheapest prices in the USA:

  7. Don't like the look of the HAF series either!or the new Antec DF's
    Btw i have a 902 and cable management is pretty good imo.not the best but good.
    My personal favourite SILVERSTONE RAVEN RV02
  8. I like the looks of the Raven, and the price is reasonable. Why is the motherboard insert on the other side? Or is that the back?
  9. boiler1990 said:
    I like the looks of the Raven, and the price is reasonable. Why is the motherboard insert on the other side? Or is that the back?

    Unique 90 degree mobo mounting system and specialized cooling system 3x180mm filtered bottom intakes.
    It's a really unique case that's known to be quiet and cool.
    My next build will include this case or a newer variation of the Raven.
  10. The Phantom has decent airflow actually, you get heck alot of features and quality for $140. Id say just go for it. You could always buy another Nzxt 200mm for a top fan.
  11. If you can extend your budget a little bit then you can get the Lian-Li PC A70F.. Awesome case with minimalistic but top quality design..
  12. look dude i will upgrade my case too and i was looking to these cases and i dont know what to choose thermaltake speedo or antec DF 85 (dark fleet) i think i will go with the speedo the antec is good choice for you i have seen it its very cool design a lot of fans that will create a perfect chamber for the air to flow trust me or you may go with the speedo for the cable management routes and tunnels
    i mentioned these cases because they are close to your budget
    good luck
  13. The NZXT Phantom has good airflow, stock. It will cool your components very well. However, if you ever need more cooling you can just add the extra fans, top, side, and front, and you will get basically HAF X cooling.

    But seriously, get this:

    If you get the older stock with the FM181 fans, you will have HAF X level of cooling. If you get the new stock with AP181 fans, you will have greater than HAF X cooling. It will also be far quieter. The RV02 has excellent cable management, good looks, amazing cooling, and is a great value.

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