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Hi. I had an external hdd enclosure and lost the power cable. I removed the Hdd, a samsung spinpont f1 and tryed to change my computer`s hdd with this one. I tryed installing windows but it came with an error "windows cannot continue past this stage" or something like that. I looked online and i learned that the boot mngr was missing. I sorted that, managed to install windows, but after that my hss was very very slow and allways giving errors and blocking. Can someone tell me if its a solution to that or should i just use it as a second hdd?! Thank you.
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  1. Try a comprehensive SMART diagnostic. Look for reallocated, pending, or uncorrectable sectors.

    HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

    HDDScan for Windows:

    See this article for SMART info:
  2. Thank you for repling. I tryed HD sentinel and it says health-10% -Criitical. What should i do to fix it?
  3. If HD Sentinel has correctly analysed the SMART report, then there is nothing you can do except to backup your data and replace the drive.

    Could we see the SMART data?
  4. Yes, but how do i add a capture here?
  5. R-click the SMART data tab and select "copy entire page to clipboard". Then paste the data (Ctrl-V) into your next post.

    Alternatively, select Report -> Save TXT Report.
  6. 1,Raw Read Error Rate,51,99,90,OK,000000001758,0,Enabled
    3,Spin Up Time,11,85,85,OK,0000000014AA,0,Enabled
    4,Start/Stop Count,0,99,99,OK (Always passing),0000000002B6,0,Enabled
    5,Reallocated Sectors Count,10,96,96,OK,000000000039,0,Enabled
    7,Seek Error Rate,51,253,253,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
    8,Seek Time Performance,15,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
    9,Power On Time Count,0,98,98,OK (Always passing),00000000202B,0,Enabled
    10,Spin Retry Count,51,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
    11,Drive Calibration Retry Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000001,0,Enabled
    12,Drive Power Cycle Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),00000000010A,0,Enabled
    13,Soft Read Error Rate,0,99,94,OK (Always passing),000000001087,0,Enabled
    183,SATA Downshift Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
    184,End-to-End Error Count,99,100,100,OK,000000000000,0,Enabled
    187,Reported Uncorrectable Errors,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000001087,0,Enabled
    188,Command Timeout,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
    190,Airflow Temperature,0,69,64,OK (Always passing),00001F16001F,0,Enabled
    194,Disk Temperature,0,65,62,OK (Always passing),000023160023,0,Enabled
    195,Hardware ECC Recovered,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000C8216F,0,Enabled
    196,Reallocation Event Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),00000000000E,0,Enabled
    197,Current Pending Sector Count,0,89,89,OK (Always passing),0000000001CE,0,Enabled
    198,Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
    199,Ultra ATA CRC Error Count,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000000000,0,Enabled
    200,Write Error Rate,0,99,99,OK (Always passing),00000000009B,0,Enabled
    201,Soft Read Error Rate,0,99,96,OK (Always passing),000000000017,0,Enabled
  7. The following attributes (and others) indicate that your drive has a serious problem with bad sectors.

    5,Reallocated Sectors Count,10,96,96,OK,000000000039,0,Enabled
    187,Reported Uncorrectable Errors,0,100,100,OK (Always passing),000000001087,0,Enabled
    197,Current Pending Sector Count,0,89,89,OK (Always passing),0000000001CE,0,Enabled

    The Reallocated Sectors Count is indicating that 57 bad sectors have been replaced with spares (0x39 = 57).

    There are 4231 (= 0x1087) Reported Uncorrectable Errors, and 462 (= 0x1CE) sectors are pending replacement (Current Pending Sector Count).
  8. Is there anything i can do about that? At the moment i`m running hdd regenerator and it showing that it does the job but its been 1hour and 20 min and it just got to 0.17%. Will this program fix it or should i just give up? Is there a quicker way? Thanks for your time and help.
  9. According to the data recovery profession, HDD Regenerator and SpinRite are drive killers. This is because the typical failure mode of today's drives is weak heads. SpinRite keeps hammering away at a bad sector for up to several thousand times, hoping for one good read. Then, instead of copying these hard won data to a clone drive, it writes them back to the bad drive. This process accelerates the failure of a weak head.

    A much better way to recover your data would be to use a free utility such as ddrescue to clone the drive, sector by sector, and then use data recovery software on the clone. Ddrescue clones the easy sectors on the first pass, and then tries for the more difficult ones on subsequent passes. It also keeps a log to enable it to resume after an interruption.

    As for whether your drive is salvageable, I would say not. In fact it should not be trusted with your important data. All you could do would be to zero fill it. This should force the drive to reallocate the pending sectors.
  10. I think i`m going to give up and just use it as peper weight. Thanks for all your help.
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