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Quick question for ya guys. I have a newer macbook pro with boot camp that is quickly running out of hard drive space. I would like to remove my windows portion and restore it back. My main question is that I have an older HP computer with a AMD 4200 Anthlon X2. The board does have PCI express so I can run modern video cards. Will this processor have enough power to run most modern games? I will probably upgrade ram because that's cheap to do but I'm on a limited budget and a used video card would be a really cheap way about this. Thanks P.S I realize this may not be cutting edge but that's not really what I want, just something that works. Also how would performance compare to my macbook pro with 8600Gt and a 2.4Ggz core 2 duo? Thanks I may just put in a larger hard drive into this computer if the performance be poor. I will slowly save up and build my own system in the future.
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  1. Hmm there are a few issues to resolve 1st i.e

    1. Does your casing allow reasonable clearance for say 9.25-9.5" GPUs?
    2. Does it have a doable cooling system to exhaust heat build up? Almost inevitable when gaming at load hehe
    3. What are your specs of PSU currently - could it cut it w.r.t powering a fairly recent gaming class GPU?
    4. Hmm i would say something like a GTS 250/HD 4850/ HD 4770 (forget the 8600GT) could just be the card for u if conditions 1 & 2 and 3 are met
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