GTX 295 1080p Resolution Problem and Crapification 5970 Is Great

Hello again forum,
i am trying to get my GTX 295 to work with my tv and computer so i can sli 2 of them and bench them against a 5970, but there is snagg!

So with the 5970, you set your res to 1980 and it underscans, so i go to my tv and set the perspective to cinema zoom and there is perfect alignment.

With the GTX 295 i do the same and it overscans, so i set it to Just Scan and voila, it matches up and is perfect except for one small thing, TOTAL CRAPIFICATION!

Honestly words could not describe how bad this CRAPIFICATION is, its so bad it makes my eyes bleed, i am using tampax as tissues right now It Is
that BAD.

I'll try and take some pictures of it with my iPhone, hopefully the low res pictures will somewhat shield you from the full force of it's effects.

I tried to take screen shot of it, observe exhibit A:

As you can see, it is such an abomination it warped itself into conformity, as observing infinite oblivion would engulf the universe in an infinite paradox, i am immune as the paradox is dependant on the observation of it's creator.

There are but two options, you must help me fix this problem, or i must take my own life to save all the lives of all living things in the universe.

I really don't want to die, so please help me!

I took a screen shot of the same forum while running my 5970, obsevre exhibit B:


Do you realise what you are witnessing?

In this photo is contained the ultimate microcosmic expression of normalacy, of the natural order of creation, it is the perfect antithesis to the above, it is honest, it is not hiding the infinite oblivion as the above is doing.

In other words, it didn't show up on a screen shot so here are photos:

Here are the photos of what is normal:

I'm stressed out from trying to learn to navigate flickr what ****ing unintuitve POS site that is, so the joking ends here.

What the hell could be causing this and what the hell is it?

I had to get in very close to to make it ovious to a camera, but if your looking at the whole, screen it really is just realy ugly, everyting is discoloured and jagged with the 5970 everything is colourful and smooth, this occurs both in explorer and in games or any program your running, looking at the whole thing is really an eye sore.
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  1. Okay, a bit more information, this weird "crapification" happens on all the nvidia cards i have at a range of different resolutions, 1360x768 is the last absolutely normal looking resolution, the next one up looks minimally abnormal, the next one up more up to the one just below 1080p which i really bad, then 1080p which is terrible.

    My TV is an LG LH3000 if that makes any difference.

    Obviously my attempt at humor has failed, but this is a serious problem for me, please i need some help, what could possibly cause this?
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