Cleaning heatsink compound from CPU

Hope this is the right place. Apologies if not.

I went to the only computer store I know of in my town today looking specifically for isopropyl alcohol/Rubbing alcohol, as reccommended by many articles. What I got, which the foreign lady behind the counter assured me was up for job was a tub of pink liquid called "Liquide Nettoyant".

Google isn't really helping me out here, best I can tell it's used for cleaning printer cartridges, but I couldn't see it being used for cpu's anywhere :??:

Please can someone help me out. Anyone come across this stuff before? and is it appropriate to use on my cpu+heatsink. I'm too cautious & poor to just go for it without knowing 100% it's o.k.

Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Isopropyl\rubbing alcohol is sold at most drug\department stores as a first aid antiseptic for a couple dollars.
  2. Thanks, I might be able to get some at Boots (I'm in the uk)

    But I've already bought this LIQUIDE NETTOYANT now and if I can use it tonight and not have to return it to the shop all the better. For all I know it may be perfectly fine to use.

    This is what I really want to know.
  3. In UK its called "surgical spirit" IIRC.

    "LIQUIDE NETTOYANT" is french for liquid cleaner (according to google translate), which could range from acetone to some soap solution, I'd avoid it, but read the label to see what it is really.
  4. Much thanks Timop.

    Annoyingly no other info is on the label apart from the usual "Warning keep out of reach of children."

    This is so frustrating, I'm dying to get my new cpu in, and you'd think a supposed computer specialist shop would know what's right from wrong...but then again. Grrrrraagh! I'm so tempted to just risk it.

    Regardless, thank you both again for taking the time to try and help me out. Much appreciated.
  5. Do not use anything pink to clean off your CPU! Isopropyl alcohol is used because it is pure, clean, and clear; and dries almost immediately leaving no residue.
  6. Seven quid from your local Maplins.

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