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I just have 2 options - 5770 or gtx 250 on my board dg31pr
I am going to upgrade my computer to i7 setup in couple of months and I don't want to wait to play games on my existing setup - neither I want to put burden on my pocket when I'd upgrade.

I play games like AOE 3 - empires earth - gta 4 etc

my question is - would it work alright with my motherboard?

should I buy 5770 or gtx 250 - I don't mind much on dx11 if the performance of gtx250 is significantly better - but on the other hand - if its just a difference like PS3 and XBox 360 - I'd like to go with ati.

thanks in advance with the replies.
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  1. The HD5770 is equal to GTX260 in performance and both outperform GTS250.
  2. Plus, with the 5770 you also get DirectX 11, which is a definite plus.
  3. I think they perform about the same... I'd prefer the 5770. Either way you'd be fine.

    It's just an all around great card... low power usage is often mentioned. if they're about the same price and they perform about the same, the 5770 would be the clear choice to me because of it's features, but that's just me. Although, with GTA IV... I would prefer a more powerful card than both, but then again that's just more $.

    Also... you can always add another in the future. If you plan on adding another in the NEAR future, I'd just go big now.

    As far as the board... it has a 16x PCI-E slot, so I'd assume it would work. What Power supply do you have though?
  4. rolli59 said:
    The HD5770 is equal to GTX260 in performance and both outperform GTS250.

    Yeah, except in GTA IV =/ But who cares.

    Granted... that's just 1 link.
  5. Yes, the 5770 is superior. the GTS 250 is an old card and doesn't compete too well.
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