S-Video or composite out on desktop-level cards (HD5570, etc)

I'm trying to find a card in the category of the HD 5570, 5450, etc which has an S-Video or at least a composite out for regular, old fashioned TV's and recorders. The problem is that most of the cards being sold on retail sites seem to come with HDMI in addition to VGA and DMI. It seems like S-Video used to be more common. Now, HDMI would be nice to have as well, and I wonder if there is an S-Video or composite signal available somewhere on these cards, or am I going to have to find a card that has S-video instead of HDMI? I seem to remember reading somewhere that some cards have S-video available through the VGA port.

Can you help me sort though this issue?

BTW, I'm okay with using an appropriate Nvidia based card also, if there is a recommendation.

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  1. You would have to drop back a generation to HD4xxx cards.
  2. I'd suggest you buy a card with HDMI out and later upgrade ur TV. If you want to stick to ur old TV then get a Sapphire HD4850 which has S-Video out.
  3. If you're looking at lower end cards then go with a Radeon 4650 or 4670 before they are all gone. I assume you're not going to use it for gaming, but if you are the 4670 is good enough for light gaming at medium to lower settings. It is also enough to handle blu ray acceleration at 1080p so the card will still be plenty useful when you upgrade to a more modern TV
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