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Gaming Rig

Well I'm making a gaming rig and I already have the build basically but I need a suggestion for PSU thinking about 850W,

My rig is a Rampage III extreme MOBO
HD 5970 GPU
Phenom II x4 3.4Ghz Deneb CPU
G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 RAM
Antec Twelve Hundred Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case (unless I can find something else)
Keeping my 750GB HDD from my old computer
and some basic optic drive (not important to me)
PSU (stuck on deciding)

Thanks in advance any advice will be helpful :D
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  1. crossfire in the future?
  2. Not looking for it ATM so I would say no but it's always possible :D
  3. if not 850 it is plenty of power, overkill in fact. if you do want to do it in the future, then 850 is a very comfortable range. I would think even with a 9750 600 or 650 would be fine.
  4. wtf rapmpage iii extreme and phenom ii x4 buddy that mobo is for intel i7 9xx and u put an amd also fill the stickie in my sig
  5. Antec 1200 + 5970 is a VERY tight fit.

    You're actually better off with the much cheaper HAF 922, which despite being called a mid tower is larger than the 1200.

    Also, isn't the Rampage III Extreme a x58 board?

    Why would you spend that much on a mobo anyway?
  6. The reason I did this is to make sure something like this didn't happen lol, thank you very much for letting me know that my MOBO is Expensive... but if I'm not going to get that MOBO what do you suggest for my CPU, I will more than likely upgrade to 6 core when gaming actually uses it
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    If you have the same budget, might as well get x6 now:

    If you don't care for cossfire, get this:

    If you do, get this
  8. The x6 has lower gaming performance compared to the x4 ATM, I was going to upgrade later...
  9. fair enough...mobo recomendations for amd still could also look for an amd 890fx chipset,but that'll be closer to $200, and if you don't care for crossfire and overclocking, get the 870
  10. Yeah the 890fx looks nice but its only a little bit less then the rampage which has more features...

    And i hear the 890 has NB heating problems
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