Chk Dsk Loop and 11k Errors in Event Viewer

Pretty much a newb here...can usually figure things out with the help of others and searching but this time I am not able to be at the PC so it's very frustrating.

My son (who lives 2 states away) just called me and said his video card died on the pc I had just built for him before I left (1.5 years ago).

So thinking it was only the card I found someone to bring him a new (used) one....and nothing, same problem.

I started to investigate more and found out that he is getting a Chk Dsc message on every gets to 10% and starts again so he just bypasses it every time.

I had him go to Event Viewer (windows 7) and there are 11k errors for the NTFS.

My questions are...

Would this be the most likley cause of the video card not working?

Is there anything I can do to test this / fix this? or will he need a new drive once these errors start?

I know you will want specs but he is at school still today.
I know the following..
Mobo: Asus M4A88TD-V
CPU: AMD Phenom 11 x4 955 (black)
Hard Drive: SATA (I think it's Western Digital 600 GB)
OS: Windows 7

Thank you.
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  1. aks him to check the hdd assuming that is a wd with data lifeguard diagnostic from wd do the short test first
  2. Whats the easiest way for him to tell me what HDD he has? I am sure he cannot see the info on it via looking in the there details in the system properties?
    Preferably something he could copy and paste to me if possible to avoid errors.
  3. I can almost guarantee that the hard drive is going bad. It's either that or his file system is totally messed up, and that is highly unlikely.

    The video card almost certainly isn't the issue (I suspect the drivers on the hard drive are just jacked up.) Before he does anything else, have him back up everything he needs. If it were me, I wouldn't even power the computer on again and instead I would use a SATA to USB adapter ( and just hook the drive up to another computer. The drive is probably on its last leg.

    I wish I had better news for you. You may want to have him take it to a reputable local computer shop if the data is sensitive.
  4. aks him to use this he just have to choose the 32 or 64 bits for the os he use the drive will appear on the first page with all is computer details this also got temp sensor an voltage indicator and it's free
  5. Thanks guys...this is the news I was dreading and have personally had much experiecne with drives going sucks!
    To top it off I have been out of work for a couple years now and have virtually no money to help him out so I guess he may just be out of luck for awhile...but I will have him back things up (if possible) and then download the software linked above.

    I just saw in my programs the Western Digital Lifeguard application..I have never used this and have no idea what it does. His may have this as well so if anyone knows what this program does I would love to know.

    Thanks a bunch.
  6. Ok he tried to install the hwinfo from the above link and is getting the following error so cannot install it.

    "Cannot install hwinfo 64 driver check your writes in hwinfo installation"

    I had him do this by right clciking as running as admin..same thing.

    Any ideas?
  7. did you try the primary us and load the exe files that the one i use and it work
  8. I suspect it won't install because the install files are being corrupted as they are written. You could have him try saving it to a flash drive or an external HD.
  9. then we will try pcwizard from the maker of cpuid it download and install the set up files and when it ill open you get all the details from the system
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