How can I tell which motherboards support SSD and and have the AHCI BIOS option? This a Gigabyte page but the question is relavent to other brand name boards like ASUS, MSI, etc.
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  1. Welcome Probably all modern Boards! At least if it has SATA connections it has ACHI and SSD support but the SSD has to support the std that the board has like SATA 150 (older), SATA 3GB and SATA 6GB.
  2. Perhaps I'm confused but my new MSI 760GM-P33 has six SATA 2 connectors but the AMI BIOS has no ACHI selection. And the BIOS upgrades do not mention adding AHCI. My Corsair Force 60 is recognized as a SATA 2 HDD. When this SSD was installed my Gigabyte board with an Award BIOS and set to AHCI I got a WIN 7 cpu index of 7.6, with the MSI board the index score is 6.7. Something isn't right.
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    Borrowed from Wikipedia "As their standard interface, SATA controllers use the AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface), allowing advanced features of SATA such as hotplug and native command queuing (NCQ). If AHCI is not enabled by the motherboard and chipset, SATA controllers typically operate in "IDE emulation" mode, which does not allow features of devices to be accessed if the ATA/IDE standard does not support them."
    Is it possibly under raid settings in integrated peripherals menu!
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  5. rolli59,
    Thanks. There it is under raid, don't know how I missed it. And thanks Tom's Hardware forum; MSI support hasn't replied after three days and a post on their forum is unanswered after one day.
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