Cannot use second hard drive after using DBAN

Hi, I have a Dell Laptop with 2 hard drives in it. Operating system is Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I used Darik's Boot And Nuke to erase my hard drive because I plan to sell my laptop and I was able to reinstall Vista Home Premium 32 bit but when I go to "Computer" to view the list of hard drives, only one hard drive's listed. But then when I go to control panel>device manager< I can see two hard drives listed there, I updated all the drivers already. May I ask how can I fix this problem so that the second hard drive can be used again? I attached some images and I hope this can help explain the issue.

Many thanks in advance! Your help is much appreciated.
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  1. You would have to format the drive and make it active. DBAN erases everything on the drive.
  2. Can yo see it in disk management?
  3. rgd1101 said:
    Can yo see it in disk management?

    I have done the same thing. I boot Windows from my SSD and I wiped a mechanical hard drive. My BIOS recognized the drive but Windows doesn't.
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