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i bought this studio 540 2 months ago and now im wondering what would be cheaper to if possible put a i7 the baddest in place of the core 2 quad 9400 and upgrade the power from 350 to 650 last a 9800gt up to a 480gtx.
i bought this 540 for 800 its
core2quad 9400
8gigs ram
1tb hd

i only use it for gaming and movies i have the 3d glasses and *** 23.6 acer monitor i have a good cash flow right now so i have some to spend but i still wanna make smart choices
thanks all
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  1. I7 uses a different Motherboard! But surely if you want more gaming performance you can upgrade your GPU along with a new PSU your Q9400 is still a good CPU. I suggest a GTX460 1GB and a Corsair 550VX.
  2. later on if say i bought two of those cards would i beable to use 3 3d monitors to interface or whatever it is
  3. I believe so.
  4. i got the evga gtx460 ssc and a 650w corsair psu any idea if i can over clock my cpu id would be nice to get this cpu up from 2.6 to 3.0 as star craft 2 runs more on frequency than cores and gpu
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