I want to purchase Intel core 2 Duo E8400 Processor
So want to Know Which Motherboard is Suitable For the Above Mentioned Processor.
But i have a Problem that i have { 3 GB DDR2 RAM (2GB DDR2 800 MHZ Kingston & 1GB 667 MHZ) AND 1 GB 9400GT NVIDIA Graphics Card }
have to keep these RAM & Graphics Card & not to Change it.
So please tell me Which Motherboard is Sutable For these Configuration.
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  1. You will have a difficult time finding a Core2 motherboard that still uses DDR2 memory unless you live somewhere where the computer shops still have a lot of old stock left.

    But any modern G41, P43, P45, or X48 motherboard will work with an E8400.
  2. Better get an AM3 quad and an AM2+ motherboard. What country?
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