5550 Video Card help plz! (and ty!)

Hi there, Noob here, so be gentle :)

So I have a HP m9425f that had a 9500gs card that crapped out (common i guess)...I took it out and ran it with just the onboard video (which had been covered by a plastic cap).

I recently got a hd 5550 and threw it in the old card slot, and, after some finagalling (Dl'ing recent driver etc) got it to seemingly work.

But it looks screwed up...and under display settings>advance settings, it does not show an adapter...

I hope this makes sense, I'm sure there is an easy fix...but it is getting late, and I am getting frustrated :P
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  1. running Vista 64
  2. Tried to retry with driver from included disk...actually installed CCC this time...but when I select it from start menu...nothing...

    Still no adapter shown under 'advanced settings' grr

    also tried switching BIOS video from "pci" to 'pc1 x16'
  3. Try disable your onboard video graphic from BIOS...
  4. So...still no luck...I am kinda unsure how to disable the onboard VG...there doesnt seem to be an option for that in the BIOS (other than putting it to PCI, PCIx1 or PCIx16=which it is) ?

    Video IS running out the new card, but is still messed up, and shows driver as vgaSave (i see this is common if no drivers found)

    However, I have tried 3 times to install CCC and the latest driver from the Sapphire site, as well as trying the included disk a couple shows CCC installed, but does not load when I click on it in the start menu...

    Any help?
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    Just stay with PCIx16 in BIOS setting.

    Have you uninstall the previous card driver?
    Use DriverSweeper:

    1. Uninstall the Nvidia driver
    2. Boot into safe mode and use driverSweeper to clean out the remaining of nvidia.
    3. Restart and boot normally.
    4. Install your ATI driver.

    Try it out... :)
  6. Thanks for your help...resolved! (Just needed to uninstall, and try 10.4...workin' great!)
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  8. okay, good to hear that.. :)
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