Asrock p67 extreme4 beep on startup

Hello guys just installed this mobo and also a core i5 2500k and 2x4GB DDR3 1333 XMS3 Corsair.Every time my system start up it stay 2-3 sec on the screen of bios and then a short beep, and the windows are loading just fine.. no visible problem.

I read on internet that 1 short beep is related to DRAM.. I read the manual and I have my 2 rams correctly installed in the slots that the manual suggest for 2 rams only ( the two white ones)

I tried to put them on blue, I unplugged one and load window with the other, then I unplugged the other one and run windows, e.t.c

I tried all combination of my two rams but I continue to hear this short beep on startup.I have updated my bios to last version (1.60).

Only thing I have done is to turn on AHCI on bios cause I have a solid state for my OS.

Last I wanna tell you that I didn't did format my pc, I have windows 7 x64 ultimate and before this I had an Asus p5q SE, core 2 duo 3,0 GHZ and 8GB DDR2.

But I have installed all new drivers from motherboard support center.

Any ideas pls?

PS.Before the screen of BIOS ( the one informs me what key to press to enter setup , e.t.c.) it doesn't show me any other information.. it is black until it goes to this screen... in my previous pc usually I had some info like how many usb keyboards found, e.t.c. temperatures also seem fine and the system recognize all my memory.Except that it shows that I have 2 optical drives but I only have 1 DVD RW.. (maybe the second is from daemon tools? dunno if it should have show it here) hm.. now the cpu socket temperature is orange.. it is not always sohow the temp, it show the temperature then disappear then show the temperature again! on Asrock utility the temperature seems ok
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  1. There is a setting in BIOS to hide posting, some call it quiet post. The beep could mean post successful.
  2. thanks for answering :P I found that too but this is happening on IBM Bios..
    my Bios is AMI and in AMI the one beep it is said to be a ram refresh failure...

    Although as I said I tried all combinations of trial and error with my memories but with no success..
  3. AMI BIOS "One beep is good! Everything is ok, that is if you see things on the screen."
    From the link above!
  4. oops yes you are right! :P
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